Kudos to Nikon, or a 70-200mm VRII 5-foot drop test

There are a lot of reviews out there on the web about cameras and lenses, Canon vs. Nikon, point-and-shoot vs. SLR etc. I probably should not contribute to the endless discussions but I thought I would share a personal experience, obtained today through, unfortunately, an accident. It was a beautiful frosty morning in Christchurch, and … Read more

Part four: Christchurch

We will stay in Christchurch for two days if all goes as planned. Both days will be work days and we have a lot of things to take care of, including a broken instrument. Oh well; all we can do is do our best today, then try to do better tomorrow, so that’s it. I … Read more

Flight to Christchurch

We are on the road again. Figuratively speaking of course, since there are no roads where we are going. We will be flying from Rarotonga nearly due West to avoid entering the forecast ash cloud contour, then turn South and, descending to 16,000 feet, we would proceed to Christchurch, flying below the ash cloud, which … Read more

Day off on Rarotonga

A day off is a nice thing. One can sleep in, then have a relaxed breakfast, read a newspaper and then stroll out onto the lawn grass and call his buddy to talk about fishing or a game of golf. One can do many things, all of them recreational and interesting, and most importantly, unhurried … Read more

Work day in Rarotonga

As usual in tropical paradise, we work. Since we flew in so late, we start off the work day late too and we are at the plane side by 10:30 am. The day is going to be hot, and humidity is high too. Now, humidity is something typical for Rarotonga and in comparison Hawaii are … Read more