You may have been on Global Ops if…

You can pack your bags, check out of the hotel and be headed to the airport in less than 8 minutes. And you have done this six times in the last two weeks. You walk out into the parking lot and have to really think hard to remember what kind of car you are driving … Read more

It is over

It is late July, and our adventure is over. The Global tavelers headed back to the home base on July 11th. The Gulfstream took off at 10:15 from Anchorage and headed Southeast, made a low pass over the fjords near Wrangell, another low approach at Watson Lake, another at Bozman, MT and returned to Broomfield, … Read more

To the North Pole

Well, it was almost to the Pole. The diversion to the West that we have made on this flight didn’t allow us to go quite as far North as we would have liked, so we only made it to 82ºN. The flight was slightly longer than our average on the Global project but we saw … Read more

Part nine: Anchorage again

July 8. We are having a much needed hard down day today. Thinking back, the hotel in Midway was totally adequate for rest but making it to Anchorage was a better idea: in Midway people would go all out and keep exploring not realizing how tired they are, while in Anchorage by now everything seems … Read more

Almost back home

We are heading back home. Almost back, since by now Anchorage, located on the same continent as our home, feels much like home. The drive out to the airplane among the dozing albatross sitting everywhere was as unusual as the rest of our trip, with the driver of the first vehicle stopping and getting out … Read more