Really about

Ok, so you really want to find out something about PaulDaisy.

Well… why? Even if you knew, why would it matter? Blogs are just that, blogs – more or less useful opinions of strangers freely made available to others using a world wide media. It does not matter who the writer is, whether he is President or Fisherman or Carpenter, or PaulDaisy. What matters is, whether what he writes echoes in your heart.

If it does, PaulDaisy is part of you. If it does not, he is just another stranger whom you pass without notice. So stop reading the Abouts, they make no difference.

If you have something that you really want to say to PaulDaisy, please use the form below. One of the team mates will get to your message eventually.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Really about”

  1. I am missing your zx12r engine rebuilding dialog.

    any chance of getting a copy of it? mine has been apart too long and I could stand to read it again!


    • Hi Glenn! Sorry it took so long to reply.
      Somehow the engine rebuild post went off line. I think it was because the images that used to pop up became non-functional. I returned the post back online, you can see it here.
      I linked the images that used to pop up to the relevant parts of the text, so you can see them again. Hope this helps, and good luck with your engine!


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