Keira’s fun days.

“Buster” whom we see regularly on the same patch.  The shortest day of the year, 21st June. A bright day. Concentrating listening to the sound of the waves. Some interesting scents at the beach. Combing Surf  Bay on a beautiful afternoon.    

Out and about in Stanley.

Wireless Ridge, overlooking Stanley. Keira & I walk there sometimes. Governnor’s house. The Second World War monument, Ross Road West. Neighbours cat.    A Falklands Garden.  Gentoo Penguin. Long-tailed Meadowlark (commonly known as the Falklands Robin). Sunset over Ross Road West. Scurvy grass flower. White-tufted Grebe. Oystercatcher. The golden hour at Surf Bay.  



Meeting Keira. I first met Keira (originally called Shakira, by her rescuers, Sarah and Senora Maria) at Senora Maria’s house in Puerto Natales, Southern Chile, March 2016. I decided to change her name to Keira, as Shakira was a little long winded to pronounce, when calling her, plus Keira Knightley is a very good British actress, … Read more

Some special people from Puerto Natales.

  Sras. Maria, Sarah, Denise with myself on the right. Outside Sra.Maria’s house, Puerto Natales, March 2016. Sra. Maria, and Sarah, who as I mentioned, rescued Keira after she was hit by a truck and got her well again. I remember being told, it was highly likely that Keira would never walk again, but just … Read more

Goodbye Puerto Natales. Hello England!

  As previously mentioned, animal importation laws into the UK are rather strict, even more so into the Falkland Islands, Sarah had a lot to do to prepare Keira for her long journey. There were many visits with K. to the vets for vaccinations, deworming etc., (the vets in Natales were excellent. So grateful to … Read more