Keira’s fun days.

“Buster” whom we see regularly on the same patch.  The shortest day of the year, 21st June. A bright day. Concentrating listening to the sound of the waves. Some interesting scents at the beach. Combing Surf  Bay on a beautiful afternoon.    

Out and about in Stanley.

Wireless Ridge, overlooking Stanley. Keira & I walk there sometimes. Governnor’s house. The Second World War monument, Ross Road West. Neighbours cat.    A Falklands Garden.  Gentoo Penguin. Long-tailed Meadowlark (commonly known as the Falklands Robin). Sunset over Ross Road West. Scurvy grass flower. White-tufted Grebe. Oystercatcher. The golden hour at Surf Bay.  

La letra de “El hombre de Frac”

La letra de canción “El hombre de frac” de Domenico Modugno (una de Daniel Magal es similar) Gracias a Hernán Torres de Punta Arenas, Chile, por anotó! Es ya la medianoche, se apagan los rumores, Se apaga hasta el letrero de ese último Café, La calle está desierta, desierta y silenciosa. El último cochero muy … Read more

How to bring a dog from Chile into the United States

The very first thing I would like to suggest when you decide that you want to adopt a dog in Chile is to contact local people who help street animals. They know and love the animals, they know the veterinarians and they are very helpful and happy to help when a person decides to help … Read more

From Punta Arenas to Rio Gallegos

End of the World Road sign in Chile

As part of work we needed to know if a close-by airport located in the city of Rio Gallegos in Argentina is a suitable alternative and what to expect if our airplane should have to land there. So a road trip was in order. Rio Gallegos is a short 3.5 hour drive away from Punta … Read more