It is not very clear who PaulDaisy is, or if such person even exists. Some think he does, although others doubt it based on the fact that his posts are often so contradctory that it seems they could not possibly be produced by the same person. Some say that PaulDaisy is several people, and once the Number One who is usually in charge is incapacitated (most of the time due to a pleasant indulgence in some select alcoholic beverage), someone else sneaks up to the keyboard, writes something and, giggling gleefully, leaves, setting the access to the write-up to “password protected, read only”. The following day the Number One guy tries to restore order but the files are published, can’t be easily erased, and worse yet – might have been read by someone! so – good luck. He will never know which one of his team mates is responsible for the mischief, and the accomplices will never turn each other in.

Impeccable clarity sometimes makes PaulDaisy invisible
Impeccable clarity sometimes makes PaulDaisy invisible

One thing that seems to be well known about PaulDaisy is that he is perfect. There have been debates and arguments, and so far nobody was able to prove otherwise. One of the reasons PaulDaisy, or the Entity as some call him, was able to defend his Perfection so far is apparently that he has no need to remember anything he ever said or wrote, because he only needs to remember the facts he spoke of. Since all of them are undeniable truth, there is no way to catch PaulDaisy at any imperfection or inconsistency. Another legend says that once upon a time a polygraph test on PaulDaisy nearly caused the polygraph machine to get sent back to the manufacturer on a warranty service, since it failed to produce any signal and wasted about 50 feet of graphing paper painting a thin black straight background line during an exam of PaulDaisy. The strange Entity was expelled from the examination room; however, the examiners were soon able to verify the polygraph’s operation by asking each other whether or not they were good and honest Government employees acting in the People’s best interest, and the machine remained in service.

However, a simple answer might have escaped the examiners: the one who has no need to lie, or to be ashamed of anything at all, is perfect indeed; this is apparently how the Number One feels at those times when the rest of the team are busy with the keyboard. Asking his teammates might provide the leverage those looking for imperfection need, but the team does not speak to strangers. So, perfect He remains.

Now, about the teammates, who are, probably, the real force behind PaulDaisy. If you like one better than another, it is hard to give you any advice on how to predict which of the write-ups will be written by whom. The only way to tell is to read on, hoping they will show their personality in their style; however, since the role of a person in charge remaining in the shadow suites them just fine you may be in for a challenge. So good luck.

With all that said, we still can’t really tell you who PaulDaisy is, and if he even exists. So why don’t you try to piece together a picture and answer this question as you see fit. If you slow down enough to think, you just may discover that he does in fact exist, as a piece of your very own self.