Work day in Kona

This was one hard work day. Vacationers would not appreciate it, and we don’t wish it upon anyone else. Although I would not trade it for anything else. We had to change three months worth of preparations for inter-hemispheric operations, spanning 52,000 km and 4 countries, all in one day. At the same time, two … Read more

Day off in Kona

When people who work in their offices hear that we flew to Hawaii for work they usually react as “Lucky dogs! I wish I could…”. But very few actually would think about it for a minute: when all vacationers are hanging out on the beach or leisurely stroll to the bar in early afternoon we … Read more

Part two: Kona, Hawaii

We arrived in Kona after an 8.8 hour flight, performing 8 slow dips from 28,000 to 1,000 feet and ascending back up. On the way to Cold Bay, Alaska and for the next two hours after Cold Bay we did not see anything but clouds. Solid decks, stacked at two levels and sometimes at three … Read more

To Kona

Today we are leaving for Kona, Hawaii. The flight will take us over Cold Bay in the Aleutian chain of islands. Anchorage is seeing us off with beautiful weather, few clouds and temperature in the 60s F. We will probably miss this cool weather very soon. The GV is already on the ramp, waiting for … Read more

Part one: Anchorage

This adventure is phase 4 of the research project that was designed to study the distributions of greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere in 2009-2011. The scientific part of it will be covered elsewhere; here we will only take note of the travel part of it, for the project covered more ground (or, rather, water) … Read more