Part eight: Midway

Our 10:30 pm arrival last night was not a strong enough reason for at least two people from our crew to not to get up and out before sunrise. With only one chance at the sunrise on Midway, how could one sleep in? Of course we had to go and explore when the day is … Read more

Time travel

I tried hard to make you anxious to see what the next stop on our amazing trip is going to be, and I will stop teasing you now. From Saipan we are going to Midway. Located 1,200 nautical miles from Honolulu at 28º12’N and 177º22’W, this archipelago is at the Northwestern end of the Hawaiian … Read more

Part seven: Saipan

Older people know Saipan from first hand experiences as it was a major troops transfer base during the World War II and thousands of recruits transited through Saipan. The battles fought on Saipan were bloody and many lives were lost on both the Japanese and American sides. Sadly, with the way history is taught these … Read more

Northern Hemisphere, we are back!

Today is the Independence Day in the U.S. We had a lot of work in the morning, and we had the right people for it. Our ground support crew who flew all the way from Colorado provided the necessary services to obtain the cryogens for the instruments, shipping and other miscellaneous help that we needed … Read more

Tracks in the sand

The beach at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve was very long, and people who left their snorkel-equipped Landrovers in the parking lot only wandered in the nearest quarter mile of it. For the rest of the shoreline, as far as the eye could see, there was nobody. The Pacific chose to be calm, and small waves … Read more