Life in England with foster family.

  So there we have it, Keira was now in England and safety delivered to her temporary home by Sarah and ready to spend the next six months in quarantine, as per Falklands animal importation laws. Quarantine, if you could call it that, was really not that bad!! When you think of animal quarantine, in … Read more

Farewell England.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Finally it was time for Keira to bid farewell to England and to the foster family, who had taken such good care of her for many months. The final document. The best one! 🙂 The information I was pleased to receive! I received an email from … Read more

On board and ready to sail South!

Thankfully all went well, everything was in order. My sister-in-law Chantal delivered K. (as per instructions from Jeff), to the “Hartland Point” docked at Marchwood, Hampshire at noon on 12th April, 2017. Sara’s brother was getting married that day, so sadly she could not go. Probably best thing anyway, as apparently poor Sara was quite … Read more

Arrival at forever home.

A month later, less a day, on the 11th May, 2017,  K. finally arrived in the Falklands!! Guess what next? You guessed right, another vet check! (this time it was carried out by Zoe, our local vet). Also more deworming pills administered, plus a jab into the fur in the back of K’s neck. This … Read more

Life in the Falkland Islands!

  So Keira has been with us for over three years at the time of writing. It  took about six months for her to realise that she was here to stay! She began to open up like a flower, a beautiful flower at that! Still a little shy with anyone she doesn’t know well, I … Read more