Keira’s fun days.

“Buster” whom we see regularly on the same patch.  The shortest day of the year, 21st June. A bright day. Concentrating listening to the sound of the waves. Some interesting scents at the beach. Combing Surf  Bay on a beautiful afternoon.    

Out and about in Stanley.

Wireless Ridge, overlooking Stanley. Keira & I walk there sometimes. Governnor’s house. The Second World War monument, Ross Road West. Neighbours cat.    A Falklands Garden.  Gentoo Penguin. Long-tailed Meadowlark (commonly known as the Falklands Robin). Sunset over Ross Road West. Scurvy grass flower. White-tufted Grebe. Oystercatcher. The golden hour at Surf Bay.  



Meeting Keira. I first met Keira (originally called Shakira, by her rescuers, Sarah and Senora Maria) at Senora Maria’s house in Puerto Natales, Southern Chile, March 2016. I decided to change her name to Keira, as Shakira was a little long winded to pronounce, when calling her, plus Keira Knightley is a very good British actress, … Read more