You may have been on Global Ops if…

You can pack your bags, check out of the hotel and be headed to the airport in less than 8 minutes. And you have done this six times in the last two weeks.

You walk out into the parking lot and have to really think hard to remember what kind of car you are driving today.

Once you find your car using the buttons on the key fob, you walk up to it and have to think which side is the steering wheel on.

When driving, you occasionally turn on windshield wipers instead of turn signals. This happens regardless of what country you are in.

You open your wallet in a restaurant, take out some cash to pay for food and have to ask the waiter which kind of money from what you have works here.

You wake up in a hotel room; it is twilight, and you can’t tell for a while where you are and whether that 1:30 on the clock is AM or PM.

You have three cameras laying within reach, and miss a shot trying to decide which one to grab.

A 7-hour flight does not seem long to you, and a 3-hour commercial flight is not even worth a mention.

You have to stop yourself from trying to walk up to the cockpit of an airliner to chat with the pilots and ask how many times we will go to 500 feet altitude on this flight.

Having four hours of daylight to explore a new destination seems like more than enough time, and you have more impressions and pictures from that than some people might have from a week long stay.

When looking through pictures with friends, you honestly can’t remember where that particular picture of a beach and palm trees was taken.

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