Life in the Falkland Islands!


So Keira has been with us for over three years at the time of writing. It  took about six months for her to realise that she was here to stay! She began to open up like a flower, a beautiful flower at that! Still a little shy with anyone she doesn’t know well, I guess that’s her nature. Apart from this, cheeky and playful. Always really well behaved, gentle, affectionate, loyal and very intelligent!

So happy during her morning walk.

Fortunately we have a big long field just a minute’s walk from our house where we go each day. She runs and runs and likes to chase upland geese. I let her do this, as the geese just fly away unharmed.

A nice place to run and close to our house. 

K. loves to play with a tennis ball. She has become a dab hand at catching it.

The sweet smell of spring. 

 Chilling out in the conservatory chair.

Sometimes K.  comes to work with me. Here she is in her office bed. 

My assistant. 

Walk, supper and play, always in that order!

That’s a mighty yawn!

K. really is a perfect little dog in every way. She brightens up each day and we feel so lucky she is with us. Cannot imagine life without her now. We all love her to bits!

Cuteness overload!

Taking a break during a walk in the hills.

A nice relaxing Sunday.

After taking a dip in a dirty ditch!

A nice autumn day.


So spoiled!

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